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The Feminine Art of Dating

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In this 90-minute masterclass, you will learn the 4 core components of feminine energy you need to master in order to attract a secure, loving & masculine man who treat you like a queen:

  1. Openness - how to open your heart to love, to be vulnerable so that you can form a deep emotional connection with Mr. Right.
  2. Trust - how to let go of your need to control how the dating process goes. How to get out of the noise in your head (the "what if's", the "shoulds") and into your intuition.
  3. Radiance - how to cultivate your most magnetic, glowing and attractive identity. Leading with pleasure & joy so that you stop feeling like dating is a chore.
  4. Receivership - how to let yourself soften and be taken care of when you are used to sorting everything out yourself. Knowing you are worthy to receive love.

When you understand and cultivate these qualities, you attract a partner who:

- Puts in effort and plans dates that you are dying to go on 👅

Takes care of you, they make sure bins are sorted so you don't even have to think about it

- Is consistent - they respond to your texts and checks in with you in the day

- Makes you feel safe to be seen and understood for who you truly are ❤️

Takes the lead - so you don't have to make all the effort and can relax and enjoy life.

- Has a clear direction for life, is ambitious and will support your future family

Sounds incredible right?

I can't wait to see you there,

Pippa x

P.S. You will be sent a calendar invite to the masterclass. Recording will be uploaded on to this platform after the event.